Sunday, March 18, 2012

sunday afternoon.

just checking in quick to share how my sweet, calm afternoon is going.

right after church, i had to rush quickly to a church committee meeting after scarfing down a speedy lunch. then, as soon as the meeting was over, i had to rush back home so my husband could run off to play tennis with some guys from church. i won't lie, i was a little crabby from having to rush around.

and it didn't help that, upon walking into my home after my meeting, i was greeted by elli's screaming and crying through the baby monitor. not exactly what i had in mind for a quiet, relaxing afternoon. jer took off for tennis, and i tried a couple times to help elli settle down. no such luck. i finally gave in, and decided to baby him a little. probably wasn't the best long term idea, but the immediate results were just the sweetest thing! i pulled him into my bed, to cuddle and nurse him a little. (normally i only let him nurse first thing in the mornings, and that's it! but i decided to baby my baby. :) sue me!) not surprisingly, he fell asleep within 5 minutes or so.

you guys. i honestly don't know what could possibly be better than cuddling next to my snoozing baby boy, listening to him breathe with his mouth partly open, and looking at the way his wispy hair lays on the bedding under his head.

i know these aren't the best quality photos, but i just love them. i love seeing my little bug so peaceful and quiet and content. and i espeically love the way he's holding onto his rag. he doesn't have any kind of attachment to a stuffed animal or blanket yet. but his burping rags from when he was still a tiny little guy? they are completely a must when he's going to sleep. they are so soothing and comforting to him, and it melts my heart. the funny thing is, it doesn't even matter which particular one it is, as long as they have the same feel of fabric. what a silly little man.

so for now, as he rests, i'm relaxing in our rocker. listening to his little sighs, and
enjoying the quiet.

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  1. how relaxed is he?! this makes me crave a nice afternoon nap. :)

    happyw wednesday to you friend!