Friday, March 16, 2012

high five for friday!

i decided to try something different and link up with the blog From My Grey Desk to join in on her "high five for friday" list. i came across this blog via the The Small Thing Blog. so many blogs, so little time! ha! really, though, i may have a problem. bloglovin' just makes is so easy to follow a million blogs at once. i'm the victim here.

anyways, back to friday!


here's five things that have made this week great:

this seems to be on everyone else's list today, but i feel just as compelled to include it - the sunshiney days we've had this week!
just look at that sunshine streaming in!

reading this devotional post. my friend becky sent it to me, and i can't even describe how freeing it is for me as a mom. i'm not quite at the stage where elli's own personality is coming out full force, but i've oftened worried already about how i'll handle him if he's strong-willed and insistent. i'm already worried about what people may think of him, and me as his mother. but this devotional was so helpful at keeping things in perspective, because the point isn't to raise a good child. the point of all of this is to raise a God-following adult.

going on a starbucks walk with jer and elli the other day. it was such a nice evening, and the mocha we shared was perfect!

realizing that The Hunger Games movie is just a week away from opening night!!!!

this photo alone was enough to make this week great (the other things were just icing on the cake!):

those eyes! that nose! that sweet little chin! (and i was worried jer and i wouldn't make a cute kid. ha! what nonsense!)

have a great weekend!!! 

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