Tuesday, March 20, 2012

the hope of my heart.

You are eternal, and i am eternally Yours.

i'm listening to pandora (my jars of clay station, of course!), and these lyrics just played. it's a song called "eternal" by sanctus real. i've never heard it before, and i wasn't really consciously paying attention to the song, until those words were sung.

for all of the struggles and doubts i have with my faith, some days,
this is all i can try to cling to. this is the hope of my heart.

if i could just find constant security in this, rather than a faith that swells and falls with the waves.

that's how these past 5 or so years have felt to me. like i'm in the ocean; the waters are my faith. some days i'm easily treading water. the waves are calm. some days i'm barely keeping afloat; exhausted and tired and about to give up. some days i'm fighting in a storm. some days, i'm easily, calmly floating on my back, without a care in the world.

if only i'd remember that it's not my faith holding me up. it's the Lord keeping me, surrounding me, faithfully holding me together. i'm swimming in His grace. it's not the amount of faith that i have that saves me. it's the infinite amount of grace poured over me.

my husband reminds me to think of the mustard seed.
my faith, tiny as can be, is all He desires of me. my little seed of faith is just enough,
because His grace is more than enough.

happy spring to you!

morning by morning new mercies i see.

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  1. what a beautiful post! i struggle with this too! my mom used to tell me that the moments when we don't "feel" close to God are actually the moments when he's the closet. that always brings me comfort! :)

    lovely blog!