Friday, December 2, 2011

the brown bear said goodnight to the polar bear hearing the three pigs counting to ten!...or something like that.

just for fun, here's a glimpse into the way the majority of my days are now spent:

it's safe to say that i may as well admit it. these little bits of literature may as well be my new best friends. jer and i spend SO much time with them these days. don't get me wrong - i LOVE that elli is so enthusiastic about reading books. he signs for it all. the. time. i truly hope that he always maintains this interest in reading. (and if he's anything like his daddy, he will!) but we're definitely starting to pull the skipping-pages-trick, and only-read-half-of-the-words-trick. fortunately, he's still young enough not to catch on. ha! and after we've read the same story several times in a row, we'll finally toss the book out of sight and say, "all done!" in hopes that elli will get distracted with another toy on his way over to go find it again. are we horrible parents? any kind of reassurance that we're not would be greatly appreciated....please?!

luckily for elli, he's so darn cute, so he gets his way the majority of the time after all.

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