Thursday, December 1, 2011

fall-ish and winter-y.

what? those aren't real words?!

well friends, it's officially starting to feel more winter-y. it's still hard to me to totally get into the winter and holiday mind-set, but i'm getting there! today has, by far, felt the coldest, but it still doesn't look like winter. see?

it just looks kind of fallish and blah. not that i don't like fall, by any means! it's definitely my absolutely favorite season, but you know that sort of yucky transition between fall and winter? i think that's where we're at, folks. i find myself struggling to get into the christmas decorating spirit. we've played some christmas tunes on pandora over the past week or so, but i'm still not quite there yet. maybe once i start setting out the lights and stockings, that will help? new project for this weekend. :)

tomorrow my little family and i are having our photos taken. the last official family photo session we had done was by my talented sister-in-law at easter.

this is just one of many awesome photos she took. didn't it turn out great?! it may seem a little familiar, too, if you've glanced at the blog header.

i'm hoping to use the new ones taken tomorrow for a christmas card. we've never sent one out in the past and i wanted to change things up this year! after much indecisiveness, here's the tops that we'll all be wearing for the portraits (don't worry, we plan to wear jeans, too!):

i love the winter-y feel of the grey and white, but i'm not sure how they'll photograph. i'm kind of clueless about these kinds of things. i just hope we don't look washed out or something. we picked these up at the store just today, and i'm really excited that their pretty and basic pieces we'll probably wear over and over this season. (and i've got to admit, that scarf is a total bonus! i'm glad i could use portraits as an excuse to get one! shhhhh....don't let the secret slip to my husband!)

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  1. I love this time of year too. That is a beautiful photo of your family. The gray and white is a great color palette with so many possibilities, it can easily be accentuated with a bold colored accessory or equally as fabulous with neutral colors.