Tuesday, February 28, 2012

simple things.

i couldn't possibly find a place to start. to catch up from my last post in early december. so, so many things have been happening and changing over the last months.

i think it's been good for me to take a break from the blog though. not that i was consistently blogging in the first place. but i think there was just too much on my plate. between traveling, holiday-ing, working, leading and playing for worship at church, having visitors, chasing around my ever-changing little boy, and finding out that we will be moving this summer, we've had quite a bit going on in our household.

to keep things simple in this post, i'll just share a few fun, recent highlights.

my sweet elli turned 18 months old today.

i can scarcely wrap my mind around the fact that my baby is a year and a half. he is changing so much wtih each day and week. he's getting so independent in the things he is capable of. he has mastered one of his puzzles in a matter of a DAY. he's silly. and naughty. and jabbering ALL THE TIME. he can say mama, dada, grover ("roh-rah"), bye-bye ("bah-bah"), and grandma/grandpa (he says "bompa" for both). i'm sure i'm missing some of them. when he first started saying words mid-january, he was actually saying several more words, but it's like they're currently in hiding, and maybe he'll bring them out again soon? he's still signing a ton. he is getting more and more comfortable around people who aren't his daddy or me. the stranger anxiety (which was anything but short-lived) is starting to subside, and we are so thankful for this transition! we are so proud of him.

i'm honestly trying to savor my sweet moments with him. dancing and tickles in the kitchen. cuddling before naps and bedtime. hilarious giggles. morning cuddles and nursing. watching his face study everthing around him. he's so observant (as i'm sure most toddlers are). but it's just fascinating. if i could just get into his mind.

having a child is so much more fun than i ever anticipated. i knew it would be an amazing experience. (even though it definitely has it's challenging moments. some mornings, days, and nights, "amazing" is the last word that comes to mind.) i never expected how incredible it would be to just watch elli. to witness his growth and development. to see his personality revealed. to see this little heart and soul grow to something new every morning. to see the ways he is like his dad and i. to discover the ways he might be different than either of us. to imagine the boy he'll be one day. to realize he really will always be my baby boy.

sorry to get a mushy and sentimental. but then again, i'm not sorry. it is what it is. my heart is overwhelmed.

let's lighten things up a bit, though, shall we? this should do the trick. check out my new hobby!

my eyes in that last photo are a reflection of my insecurity as to whether or not i should feel embarrassed. but now that i've posted the photo onto the internets, there really no use in dwelling on the question anymore. the damage has been done. :)

honestly though, i had an absolute blast a couple weekends ago, having my dad teach me some songs on the banjo. now i just need to keep up with serenading elli during snack time to get my practice in. 

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