Monday, April 2, 2012

catch up. like ketchup, only not as fun and less tasty.


it's been a hard week or two.

i'm not even sure how long it's been, to be honest.

i feel sort of like i've been in this perpetual state of survival and just trying to catch up. emphasis on trying. it's felt so constant, i don't even remember how long ago i started trying to catch up. between sickness, churchness, and any other kind of busy-ness...extra time has kind of been non-existent.

but today. right now. i see a little ray of hope.

elli is napping.

and i have a million and one things i need to do, but i thought i'd stop by and say hello to the little blog.

and sip on some coffee.

and breathe.

and remember that every good and perfect gift is from above.

here's a photographic update on the life and times of elli:
(out of consideration to my dear readers, i will be omitting any photos of our sick days, and low points. because those were not fun. and aren't worth re-living).

elli's new best friend. seriously, mr. football even needs to come along to the grocery store, apparently.
a new trick - climbing on our high chair!
we've developed a new past-time....
bird-watching! seriously, this kid is FASCINATED!
fortunately, i have these and many more photos to look through, to remind myself that this past week or two haven't been all bad.
there have still been plenty of laughs and lots of sweet moments, such as this:

could that face and those curls be any cuter?!

here's hoping for a productive week of catch up - cleaning, laundry, thought-out meals, and cuddles.

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  1. oh my goodness, he's so cute! my husband will be ecstatic if our son decides to make mr. football his best bud like yours has!

    glad you got a little time to breathe!