Friday, November 11, 2011

two things.

thing one:
this photo makes my heart feel all warm and fuzzy and melty. i am the luckiest momma-gal in the whole world.

thing two:
my husband and i ate two pieces (each!) of this ridicu-licious cake this morning.

i regret nothing.

seriously though. this was the best cake-pretending-to-be-a-cinnamon-roll i've ever had. i found this gem on pinterest. because what ISN'T a gem on pinterest?! it was warm, and sweet, and gooey, and definitely not a healthy breakfast. but it was a fun, spur of the moment decision to try out the recipe and jer (the husband) and i were able to sit and enjoy it together. more and more i'm appreciating mornings and days he and i can spend together (especially since elli is still napping for a good hour or hour and a half each morning). with such a flexible schedule, jer and i typically have fridays and saturdays to spend as a family even though i'm usually working a few hours here and there for my part-time job. i just want so much to truly not take for granted this time that we have together. i can't say i accomplished this very well today, as the early afternoon was spent being unnecessarily frustrated, crabby and rushed, but i'm realizing and re-realizing that this is a work in process and progress. i am a work in progress. at least i hope i'm making progress. for the sake of all involved.

p.s. i can't wait to have more gooey cinnamon goodness for breakfast tomorrow!

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