Saturday, November 19, 2011


while wasting time on bloglovin', as per usual, i came across a fun blog called marigold road. she copied a blogging friend's post idea, "i'm (blank) because..." and i thought it looked like fun!

so here goes-

i'm weird because:
...i NEVER finish my cup of coffee.
...i rarely mind sitting in traffic. in fact, i kind of miss that part of the twin cities.
...i pronounce the A in "catch" like "cat." most people seem to pronounce the A more like an E, such as in "bet." if this isn't true, why have i gotten made fun of so often?!

i'm a bad friend because...
...i'm terrible at keeping in touch.
...i forget the details. a lot.

i'm a good friend because:
...i'm honest.
...i sincerely care.
...i will accept you, just as you are.

i'm sad because: baby boy is growing and changing so fast. clothes are getting to be too tight. brother and i are going opposite places for the holidays and we won't see each other until january.

i'm happy because:
...i got to spend lots of time with my good friend becky this weekend.
...starbucks currently has their caramel brulee latte.
...i'm singing with the worship band tomorrow. no keyboard, no worries, no stress. just singing my heart out.

the weekend's not over yet. make the most of your sunday!

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