Tuesday, April 3, 2012

day three.


not the most exciting of all photos. at least not for me, but this is probably one of my husband's favorite things......getting books in the mail from amazon! no, seriously. for real.

i make fun of him, but i'm mostly just jealous.

i like getting mail, too, people! really though, i can't complain too much.
my sweet dad had a new music stand delivered to me yesterday.
imagine my surprise when the doorbell rang and i had a huge box waiting at my doorstep!
thankfully i had a big, strong, 19 month old boy to help me carry it in.

i ended up with a fantastic music stand for playing keyboard and banjo,
and elli ended up with a super duper fun box to play with! see?

hours of endless fun!

a perfect fit! we briefly considered mailing him to his grandparents for a visit. :)
(we kid, we kid...)
okay, back to my laundry now. cheers!

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