Tuesday, November 8, 2011


more than anything, i hope that this blog will serve as a purposeful way to seek out the beautiful and important things in my life. too often i fail to take notice of what's really around me. the amazing things i'm constantly in the presence of.

i've been kind of cranky today. i wouldn't say i have my crabby-pants on, but i've definitely started putting my foot into one of the legs. i told my friend that i need a time out. so i took some time to think. and i'm glad that i did.

since the 2nd of this month, i've been listing each day something that i'm thankful for. i haven't come up with today's yet, but yesterday's "something" was how thoughtful my husband is, and the beautiful flowers i received from him. normally, when he wants to get flowers for me, he asks me to choose what i would like. he's worried i won't like what he chooses and thinks this is the safest way to go. but last month, i told him that i much prefer to have him choose the flowers since they're from him, after all. i think this made him a little nervous, but he accepted the challenge. yesterday, i unexpectedly came home to these:

and i have yet to get over the amazing colors. lately, i just LOVE orange and red roses. maybe it's just a result of the time of year, but i can't get over how vibrant those two colors are together. the purple accents are a gorgeous surprise, too.

when my husband handed the bouquet to me, i didn't notice the delicate little flowers at first, and i literally said "oooooh!" when they came into view. altogether, these colors captivate me.

as i sat in my "time out" this afternoon, i thought about this blog. and how there are things all around me that i'm missing. and how, just maybe, if i stop to notice and appreciate them more regularly, i wouldn't find myself stepping into my crabby-pants as often.

as my sweet son napped, i grabbed my camera and made my way around the house. wondering what i could possibly find worth documenting. i made my way up the stairs, toward the kitchen, and those beautiful flowers caught my eye. how easily i let my negativity take over and i forgot about my husband's gift.

just as i turned on my camera, the warm sun made it's way through the kitchen window. the roses seemed to catch fire and the green leaves started to glow. goodbye crabby-pants.

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